Cahor is the capital of the Malbec grape

“The Noble Vineyards grace the river terraces on either bank of the River Lot” Source:

Cahors has a fascinating but somewhat turbulent history. The vineyards were amongst the first planted in France by the Roman Emperors more than two thousand years ago. At up to 15% Cahors wine is not only the darkest but one of the strongest wines that can be available. Cahors wines are the perfect accompaniment to the cuisine of the South West – foie gras, breast or confit of duck, and Quercy Farm lamb. They can also be served with a Carpaccio of scallops, potatoes and truffles.

There are over 200 Domaines and Chateaux in the area but we have chosen a few of our favourites below. It is possible to follow a Wine trail along the River Lot and it is a wonderful day out. Almost all sell wine direct to the public and will offer you advice, a guide to the vintages and a degustation and some will even offer a tour of the vineyards.

[col_1_4 style=”box border box_pink”] [title]Chateau De Mercues (20 minutes drive)[/title] Open daily to the public and commands the skyline above Cahors. It is one the grand Marques.
[/col_1_4] [col_1_4 style=”box border box_yellow”] [title]Chateau Lagrezette (20 minutes drive)[/title] Is a private residence but the Vineyard is open daily.
[/col_1_4] [col_1_4 style=”box border box_green”] [title]Chateau de Chambert [/title] One of the very best local wines and is 35 km west of Cahors, they offer degustation.
[/col_1_4] [col_1_4 style=”box border box_blue”] [title]Chateau Eugenie (15 minutes drive)[/title] One of Mark and Lara’s favourites and set near the village of Albas, it is open Monday to Friday in July and August.

Further info

Wine guide maps can be provided at Pagel or found in the local Tourist offices in every village and town nearby and the main tourist office for the region will hold the dates for all the Fetes, markets and events region wide.

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