Local Map

Where we are – Pagel is located near Cahors in the Lot, South West France

[map lat=”44.5865″ long=”1.3485″ zoom=”17″ type=”h” width=”670″ height=”350″]




[col_1_3 style=”box border box_green”] [title]Nearest Market[/title] All villages have markets, but the best ones for us are:
Cazels – Sun
Catus – Tue
Cahor – Wed & Sat
Cahors is the largest & offers the very best experience. All markets offer fresh produce and Cahors has some china, clothes & alternative stalls as well
[/col_1_3] [col_1_3 style=”box border box_blue”] [title]Nearest Town[/title] Pagel is 2.4km away from local shops in Catus and a 20 min drive away from Cahor which is a large town. Cazals is 10 minutes from Mas Sarrat.
[/col_1_3] [col_1_3 style=”box border box_yellow”] [title]Nearest Beach[/title] The South coast is a 3 hr drive but we do have a sandy beach in our village, next to the lake. There is also a play area.