Why we love France…and happy new year!

Happy new year and welcome to 2021!

We are glad to see the back of one of the craziest years in worldwide history but are equally excited to welcome 2021. We thought we would start the new year by listing our most favourite things about the country where Pagel is based – France. It’s home to the city of love, Paris, amongst beautiful architecture, culture, delicious foods and a delicate language.

What we love about France:

Of course we cannot list everything or we would be here until…well 2022…but let us ponder upon our top favourites.

  • La nourriture (food). We simply love the food in France. One of France’s most iconic dishes and one of our personal favourite – Ratatouille – also known as a famous film about a rat… amongst other delectable foods such as tartes, chocolate desserts and gorgeous garlic baguettes. The French really do have your taste buds satisfied with a range of flavours and gorgeous colourful foods.
  • La Francais langue (the French language). There are many beautiful languages across the world but our favourite has to be French. The rolling of the tongue, the delicate sound, the intellectual spelling and beautiful wording.
  • L’artitecture. From pretty little French town houses, to the notorious Eifel Tower, there is beauty everywhere across the country of France. With half-timbered houses and spiralling Gothic dramatic staircases, we really couldn’t love it more. We love Notre Dame in Paris and its Gothic Century glory across the city.

We think part 2 will come for this blog post… we love France!

Happy 2021 to all of you. Wishing you the best for the year ahead.

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