Why we love being based in Catus, France

Those of you who have visited us before will know that we are based in Catus, a commune in the Lot department in South-West France.

Why do we love being based in Catus?

  • Its historical and cultural architecture. The buildings are beautiful. This isn’t just in Catus, it’s across the board in this gorgeous country but particularly in the South of France, we are in love with the historic buildings.


  • It’s SO pretty. It’s our marketing assistant who is writing this blog post and she cannot resist a pretty piece of scenery. Guess what? France is full of pretty scenery. Pagel is based in a truly gorgeous, rural part of France and should be visited. Take it from someone who does not have children – considering Pagel is targeted at parents, as it’s so child-friendly and inclusive, it doesn’t sound too likely to appeal to a woman in her 20s, right? Wrong. Pagel is stunning – for adults and children.


  • It has so many convenient and beautiful close and local places to visit. Click this link for some helpful places to visit in Catus and in the surrounding areas:

Catus, France (Lot, Midi-Pyrenees): tourism, attractions and travel guide for Catus (francethisway.com)


We will see you all soon.


Love, Pagel xxx

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