We just couldn’t stay away…

We said goodbye to Pagel for the third and so we thought final time in September this year after 3 wonderful holidays over the last three years. We saw our boys grow into Pagel as each year past and we thought that as the eldest is nearing 7 that it was time to do something different. 6 weeks on and after many discussions and consideration of other options the boys just wanted to come back and we found that other holidays didn’t quite measure up to Pagel. We’ve booked again and we can’t wait to try out the indian village as well as re-visit old friends such as the pirate ship (do hold a pirate tea on board in full pirate costume – always a hit especially if you take a bottle of wine down for the grown ups !) and electric cars. We’ve even pursueded some friends to join us (It wasn’t hard once we mentioned the choice of local restaurants and ease of arranging quality babysitting!)

The new website is fantastic Mark and Lara – it finally does the place justice. Can’t wait to hear if the Tree house gets the go ahead. Best Wishes from us all.

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