A stay at Pagel is a holiday as much for the grown-ups, as it is for the kids.

Sawdays” is a name synonymous with travel in the UK and beyond and is well known to thousands of travellers who have sought comfort and hospitality in off-beat “special” places. An article by Guardian journalist Alexandra Harris, stated the following about Alistair Sawday, the founder of Sawdays:

Sawday’s career has been a long campaign against the anonymity of commercial hotel chains. He has been a joyous advocate of small-scale enterprise, environmental responsibility and, most of all, idiosyncratic human connection. Now in his 70s, he has handed the business on to his son Toby.

For two summers, we had the pleasure of hosting the Sawday family and were eager to hear their thoughts on our family run child friendly holiday unit.

Toby Sawday writes:

“For those who fear that a ‘Family Holiday Complex’ means a sea of plastic, hordes of screaming children, naff wipe-clean interiors and overstimulating activity clubs, Pagel – in its stunning little wooded Lot valley – is your tonic.

It’s as if someone who’d always feared that having children would cast their holidays into some sort of horrendous purgatory has crafted their perfect place, where they can keep most of the pleasures of a quiet, rural, pre-family-life Gites holiday with all the vital things that make travelling as a parent as easy as it can be: shopping there when you arrive; an honesty bar and food cupboard on site; an abundance of toys under the bed; fancy dress boxes; high chairs; wonderfully rustic gardens for kids of all ages to run in with swings and pirate ships among the trees that, while there, don’t dominate; an utterly charming ‘kids club’ where small ones gather flowers to make hats or go bug hunting. Our two four year olds just ran barefoot and free among the trees and play areas, playing with their newly made friends and scampering as children should. We never worry about them for a moment.

The team at Pagel have thought of everything. And yet not forgotten that a holiday is as much for the grown-ups as it is for the kids. The team behind Pagel create a warm and convivial atmosphere, popping in at times to help and, on some days, laying on a BBQ or kids meal (if you’d like) but otherwise letting you get on with the holiday you want. We’ve had two perfect holidays at Pagel, and very much hope to be back.

We very much hope to welcome you back too Toby and greatly appreciate your thoughts of your visit with us.

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