The power of Reviews…

Reviews really matter. Why? Because a lot of people base their holiday choice solely on the reviews and wording from other people who have previously visited. This is why we really value your testimonials on our website and also on Trip Advisor. Did you know we are rated as ‘excellent’ on Trip Advisor and have maintained our 5 star rating on there?

Why bother reviewing places you’ve visited?

  • To share your experiences so that others will be better informed before making their choice and booking.
  • Help the brands/places you love build trust with potential new customers. We want visitors to trust that they will have a beautiful experience when coming to stay at Pagel.
  • It helps the venue you’ve visited improve their credibility.
  • To reflect on your experience – what you liked/what could have been improved.

As a small business, we don’t spend a huge amount of money on advertising to get people to visit. We often rely on word of mouth and referrals from previous visitors to gain more business from new customers.  If we have had the pleasure of your visit to our site, we would find it incredibly helpful if you could review us online so that you can share your experience and encourage others to visit us as we enter 2021. You can review us on Trip Advisor by clicking here: Pagel France. 


Here’s one of our reviews below from a previous visitor. Thank you so much for your kind words. We really do appreciate them!

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