The challenge of twins…

Unless travelling by articulated lorry it is not possible to include two travel cots, two highchairs, a changing mat, potty, steriliser, plastic plates, baby walker or listeners etc. in your luggage. Discover odds of finding a place with these items are longer than Rapunzel’s hair. But this was not the case, which was fantastic as the challenge of twins on a daily basis is hard enough.  After hours (in the evening!!) of searching French Travel magazines we came across Pagel and it seemed to be to good to be true.  This was the Barber Family holiday.  George and Emily were 20 months.

We did a lot in ‘The Lot’.  There is nothing in life like discovering a new part of the world that is beautiful and has plenty of places to explore.

The quickest way to get to Pagel was by plane.  We were nervous because we had never flown as a family before.  But to our surprise we had an amazing journey over, not at all as expected.  Left at a sociable time of 9.00, all excited, packed and ready to go.  Once parked at Bristol airport we took a bus to the entrance pointing at tractors, beep – beeps and planes along the way.  Straight through the double door to check in, and there was no queue.  We dumped our luggage, pushchair and went to the café (not the bar).  I made some distracter packs for the children; they included stickers, small toys, photographs, books to look at and chocolate buttons of course!!

We picked up our hire car with car seats in ready and off we went.  The journey was beautiful, past pretty French Towns and the gorgeous Dordogne River.  The kids slept most of the hour and a half journey.  We were at our destination in time for their afternoon play!!

On arrival toys everywhere (a bit like Christmas day), bikes, trikes, train on electric track, battery 4 by 4 cars, play house, one for babies, then a toddler playhouse and a fort for bigger boys and girls.  The toddler house had so much to do – kitchen, dolls, and building, ironing, and washing.  There were swings and slides, and so much more…  We discovered all this before finding more toys in the gite – books, toys and games!  Which was great for first thing in the morning and last thing at the end of the day.

We had many day trips out during our holiday to break the week up, we found it easy to spend the morning usually playing with the toys or going for a swim in the baby pool and then went to visit a local market or attraction during the afternoon.  All the quests have children, which was great as playmates are handy on holiday.  At the same time if you want some time alone the grounds are so big (fenced off so don’t worry about losing a child or two!!).

Pagel had a massive book to look through with leaflets to help decide what to do.  We found it best just to ask the friendly owners Mark and Lara where to go as they had young children and plenty of experience.

We are looking forward to our visit in 2006.  Our twins will be a whole year older and I can’t wait for them to have more imaginative fun.  This time I will pack half the amount as Pagel really has it a lot there for you!!

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