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Hello from Pagel!

Saturday 10th October 2020 marked international Mental Health Awareness Day and it made us reflect on how much this year has taught us to look after ourselves and each other. Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives forever, it has been more important than ever before to take care of your mind. You may have seen our recent social media post on 10th October, celebrating and promoting awareness for this crucial day. The impact of keeping active and nature on our mental health is huge.

As stated by mental health charity Mind UK, being around greenery and outdoors has been proven to improve your mood, reduce stress levels, improve your confidence and self esteem and many more perks. Keeping active and being around nature, which is continuously growing and living, can be really therapeutic. Whether this is walking your dog around the local area, taking your children to a park or going for a run, there are many ways to get outdoors and keep active, regardless of the time of year.

Some huge benefits of getting outdoors, particularly into open, green spaces, include:

  • Improving your physical health, as well as your mental health
  • Reducing anxiety and stress levels
  • Encourage you to be more active
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Keeping you moving.

At Pagel, we are lucky and feel blessed to have such gorgeous, spacious grounds with open areas and lots of room for kids and adults alike (and this pup) to run around and enjoy the outdoors.

For more info on how nature is linked closely with positive mental health, please click this link:


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