Pagel, France with a Baby and a Toddler

Our Journey to Pagel with a Baby and a Toddler

We travelled from Ireland to Pagel in the Lot region of France in May for 2 weeks with our 3 year old son and 10 month old daughter. Situated in the heart of Lot’s sleepy countryside but close to the Dordogne, it was a stunning spot to relax and unwind.

Pagel is advertised as a baby and toddler friendly haven where parents can relax while their kids are entertained and it certainly lives up to expectations. There are 9 residences available on site, each filled with all the toys and equipment you will need. The staff are super friendly and thoughtful and they contact you in advance of travel to find out what you need (e.g. sterilisers, playmats, high chairs, buggies) and what your child enjoys. There is food and drink available and healthy kids meals can also be purchased on site.

We arrived at 11pm at night and put our kids straight to bed as they had been asleep in the car. The next morning was like Christmas day as our son woke up and realised where he was. A welcome gift of a small panda bear was left in his bed and his room and the living room were filled with toys from cars to blocks and books. There were also plenty of age-appropriate toys for our 10 month old along with a play mat.

Once outside, we found a pirate ship in the huge field beneath our apartment, a rocket ship, a tepee tent, sandbox, swings and slides and a childproofed swimming pool. There was also a play barn for rainy days with soft play mats inside and costumes to dress up in. Out front a plethora of kids cars, diggers and tractors were lined up, ready to use. The place is so safe and child friendly that we were really able to relax. Your apartment is private but there are also public seating areas so you can get chatting with other parents or even enjoy a meal or glass of wine together………………………

Useful Tips:

1. The closest airports are Carcassonne / Bordeaux / Bergerac – rent a car or drive from Roscoff/ Le Harve if you’re brave!
2. Bring a GPS
3. Bring all your nappies, wipes and medication for the kids so you can relax
4. There are not a lot of cafes, particularly if you want to go out for breakfast so go to Gironde/ Cahors
5. Cahors is an ancient, walled city in the centre of the region and has all the shops and services that you might need when travelling with a baby or toddler. Gironde is also a larger town and has the usual supermarkets (such as Lidl & Carrefour) and services that you might require.
6. Local bakery (boulangerie) in Catus is fantastic, go first thing for croissants, bread rolls and cakes!”

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