Our Valentine’s Day Love for Living in Sussex…

How was your Valentine’s Day this year? We spent it with our family and loved ones.

For us, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with people you love in all capacities – friends, family, partners, colleagues, pets…

We have been trying to practise gratitude lately, as it’s a good task for personal development. We want to express how grateful we feel for living in Sussex, where there is so much clean air, open spaces and nature for us to enjoy whilst the ongoing lockdown continues into the Winter months of 2021.

Our owner, Mark, has recently moved from Hastings area back to Brighton which he is super excited about.

How have you been spending the colder months? We know most of us have been feeling like we are in ‘survival’ mode in the UK. But evenings are getting lighter and days are getting shorter as we speak…

Stay positive.

Love, Pagel xxx

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