Our Love Affair with Pagel….


Today seemed an appropriate day to blog about my and my family’s love affair with Pagel.

4  years ago, I started to work with Mark, the founder of Pagel.  My girls were 6 and 7.

Before I got to work, Mark was keen for us to visit Pagel and see for ourselves what all of the fuss was about.

We arrived after a long and arduous journey,  tired and a little apprehensive.

We were welcomed by Fiona with a beaming smile as she introduced herself and offered to show us around.  The girls immediately warmed to Fiona and followed her upstairs to what was to be their bedroom for the week. There, they each discovered a decorative little paper bag with the inscription ‘Welcome to Pagel, Mia’ and ‘Welcome to Pagel, Erin’ placed on their beds, surrounded by a sea of toys, giant teddies,  games and books.

Kids’ paradise.

Each season the Pagel team find a different Pagel mascot to gift to each child on arrival,  which immediately connects them to the experience and starts the holiday off in the best possible way.  From that moment on, the girls were happy and settled and ready to roam….

We unpacked a couple of bits, grabbed our cozzies and went outside to jump in the heated salt water pool. We had arrived.  Our holiday had begun.

We found a welcome basket on our kitchen table packed full of goodies which meant we could relax in our gite and postpone any food shopping until the following day.

Each part of the beautiful stone cottage catered for parents of young children to the point that we realised that we had been overzealous when it came to packing. We’d jot that down to experience and would know better next time!

We found child-friendly cutlery, plates, cups, chairs, footstools for the bathroom, toy cars, booster seats, stair-gates, pool toys, popsicle makers and every toy imaginable.

After our first day at Pagel, we had no doubt that we would return.  Maybe that explains why many of our guests are return customers, the record being 8 consecutive visits!


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