I just don’t have the time……until now!

How many times do we find ourselves saying, “I just don’t have the time today” or telling the kids, “in a minute.  Mummy’s busy!”

If the past few months have taught us anything, its maybe that we CAN make time and we CAN slow down.

Due to the lockdown restrictions we’ve been experiencing these past few months, many of us have been given an unusual opportunity to press “pause.”⁠⠀
on our typical daily routines⁠⠀
on our activities and school and work commitments⁠⠀
on the day-to-day hustle ⁠⠀
At Pagel we’ve been thinking about what we’d like to keep from lockdown and what we can’t wait to welcome back in.  I have enjoyed more time with the kids and not feeling we have to go out all of the time.  I have enjoyed NOT spending hours travelling from one after school club to another and actually having time to eat with, chat to, bake with and watch movies with the kids. 
⁠So I’m curious, after this unexpected “pause” how do you want to resume? Will you be making any changes or jumping back in to the way things were as soon as you possibly can?

  A week in Pagel is all about slowing down and quality family time set against the unspoiled, authentic nature of the Lot region in the south of France.
***We have greatly missed our guests and are very excited to open our gates in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.

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