Hayley’s Blog- Driving to France

The South of France Made Easy – By Hayley Bond

“Organising our first proper holiday as a family of four and deciding on where to visit when you have two young children can add complication to the matter! Frequent toilet breaks, nappy changes, “I’m bored”, “I’m hungry”, “how much further is it “and it goes on. So, wanting to leave the unpredictable weather behind and go abroad, we settled for France. On searching google for family-friendly holidays I came across Pagel! It looked absolutely magical and it didn’t fail to impress.

A 3:30am start saw us wake with bleary eyes ready for our road trip down to the south of France. We were met with the usual British weather –‘rain’ – as we started our trip by driving to Plymouth to catch the 8am ferry across to Roscoff.

Of course, this probably wasn’t the best idea with the children as from Roscoff to Pagel it is about 10 hours drive but we like to take on a challenge and if you could have seen how much I packed (forever the over-packer), taking our vehicle was the easiest option. Little did I know that when you get to Pagel it supplies absolutely everything from prams to washing supplies, toys to bikes. There really is no need to take anything but the basics as you will find everything else on site.

We stopped in a lovely little Gypsy caravan overnight at about halfway. It really was a little corner of heaven and the children loved sitting outside eating breakfast in the glorious sunshine.

We then packed up and got back in the car for another couple of hours of Nellie and Nora and Peppa Pig, we eventually found our little oasis ‘Pagel’ in the south-west corner of France, and the magic of our holiday was about to start…

We are returning this year”

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