Happy Memories

Happy Memories

Of the kids making friends, between the play barn and pool the fun never ends

And then there’s the ship, the trampoline, table tennis

We try to keep the dads off they are quite a menace

The boy’s new bedroom in winegrowers gite, an aladdins cave, new toys at their feet

Gorgeous fresh bread and too much cheese, we enjoy the local fayre with ease

Morning pastries an absolute must, at 9am you won’t see me for dust…

Down to Catus  boulangerie, croissant, baguette, pain aux raisin for me.

The best place to sample – the market’s a treat

An array of fresh fruit and plenty of meat

The local’s wine tasting, rotisserie basting, it just can’t be beat

We have a good moan re unseasonal rain, at last the sun breaks to ease our pain!

We see Pagel in a different light, the evening sun on the valley is really a site

Night time wildlife serenade, another holiday memory made

The welcome bar b, and chef for the night both enjoyed and try as we might…

To just say no we’ve had quite enough, we carried on munching gosh, life is tough!

We visit the local town’s nearby

I’m sure our favourite is saint cirq lapopie and when you think you can’t do anymore…..

there’s the monkeys and train at Rocamadour

Our favourite lunch is at the famous La Rec, a table in the garden’s a magical spec

Tomorrow’s our last day I’m sorry it’s here there’ll be two sad boys on the plane I fear

Bad Memories

The price of orangina, too much cloud cover and packing to leave :o(