Fun Activities for Rainy November Days

We’ve been getting a lot of rain in the UK recently, as expected this time of year. Autumn and Winter weather can be deflating at times, especially during a 2nd lockdown during a pandemic. Therefore, we’ve come up with some ideas of fun indoor or outdoor (depending on the severity of the weather) activities you can enjoy with the kids.

  • Have an indoor picnic! Use blankets and a basket, just like you would if you were outdoors. Sit on the floor and have a little picnic for lunch or even dinner. Get creative with it. Go a step further and upload your indoor fun and tag us on Instagram. Why not?
  • Build a fort and play in it. Pirate ships (giving us Pagel vibes), Vikings and much more adventures could be incorporated into an indoor fort… blankets, pillows galore… which also means a quick and easy clean-up!
  •  Board games. Call us old school but we love a good board game. iPads, DVDs and technology are all great but it’s just not the same as good old Snakes & Ladders or Cluedo. Again, cost-free fun for all. A reminder that you can buy baby-safe board games for reasonable prices on eBay and other places. We prefer to shop local if possible so why not check out your local Facebook groups for any small businesses who create board games/toys for children. Puzzles are an alternative to board games and can keep kids entertained for hours, plus they’re good for the brain!
  • Get crafty and creative. Christmas is coming up and non-essential shops are currently shut in the UK so why not make some decorations? Paperchains are an easy one, snow angels, collages. Get the colouring pencils out and get stuck in.

Whatever you do, stay safe.


Love, Pagel.


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