Créativité en France…

Are you and/or your little ones creative individuals? Did you know we are based only 40 mins from Le Caillau – Puy L’Eveque.

Filled with stunning artwork, pottery painting and delicious cakes, what more could you want for a quieter day out?

What’s great about it?

  • There is a beautifully decorated restaurant – perfect for a lazy lunch date whilst the kids are occupied with pottery painting for hours. This historic trip out really couldn’t be more perfect for a more ‘chilled’ day.
  • Gorgeous, home-made cakes and bread all day long.
  • Relaxing atmosphere, beautiful decor and location.
  • Historic and interesting, artistic and creative space for inspiration and calming vibes.
  • You leave with pottery that you or the kids have created and a lovely souvenir!


Check out more about the gorgeous location here: Le Caillau

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