Child friendly Jul 2011

Fairytale holiday for both parent and child.

Visited with: Infant

When you’re taking your first-born away it’s a terrifying prospect for a new mother…or so I thought.

I had anxiety attacks envisaging my child crying in panic of her new smells, mosquitos diving onto her small podgy body. But my biggest concern, was my guilty concern as other families letting their babies-out to roll in the long grass, as casually as if they were letting their dog out of a pee. How was I expected to keep act like a calm mother when France was bursting to get involved with my daughter.

Well, it was easy. Pagel was literally home-from-home with every possible baby necessity in-site. Mark and Lara, the owners of Pagel had three kids themselves, aged between 5 and 15 years-of-age, and they knew exactly how hard it was to travel with tots. But Lara knowing how important it was for the ‘mother’ to have a break in those first months of sleepless nights, knew how to create a very relaxing environment for all ages.

Pagel isn’t just a family haven, we’re not talking Centre Parcs here, as much as we loved it last Spring, but this is France at it’s most beautiful and pure. We were surrounded by stunning rural countryside in rolling valleys bounding into your picture-perfect sleepy sandstone villages. While the wee one slept, I managed to actually enjoy an evening meal, out of our four-square walls, as we relaxed with a sumptuous hamper of local foods, and my husband quaffed an incredible, or so he said, bottle of local Cahors wine. From chilling in the sunshine to floating in the pool and strolling into the village for dinner, Pagel really is a fairytale holiday.

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