Celebrating Parents/Carers/Guardians this Mothering Sunday…

This weekend marks Mother’s Day, but we think it’s important to celebrate all parents / carers / guardians and we know that this awareness and celebration day can be difficult for many.

So we just wanted to post a short, sweet reminder to be sensitive this Mother’s Day as it can be a difficult time of year. This message is not to spread negativity on those who will be celebrating on Mothering Sunday, but rather a gentle reminder to be mindful. We also live in an era where social media is caked with photos of ‘perfect’ homes, families, places, bodies and it’s worth remembering that it is not a true depiction of real life.

We would like to send out heartfelt and warm thoughts to all the parents, guardians and carers out there this weekend.

Be kind. Be mindful. Be sensitive.

Thank you for reading.



Pagel xxx



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