Can you have a relaxing holiday with babies or young children?

According to a recent survey, over 65% of parents would rather face the stress of their jobs than the prospect of a family holiday.

So is it possible to really relax on a holiday with our little ones? I thought not until my perspective changed for good a few summers ago! Our family had our first holiday since my eldest was born 10 years ago. Since having our girls, we had not been in the financial position to holiday abroad and had sadly spent our time visiting ailing parents on both sides of the globe.

A few years ago, I started working with Pagel. In order to be able to market Pagel properly, Mark felt I needed to get out there and really experience it for myself.
Although I was keen, I felt I needed to see it through my girls’ eyes to truly understand the magic that so many parents had spoken about and luckily Mark agreed. I got to work; fast tracking passport renewals and getting organised and off we went as a family. The journey was arduous and frustrating, especially with flight delays, temperamental sat nav and bickering children. Needless to say, I was feeling incredibly apprehensive about the days that followed.

When we arrived, however, we were all blown away by the sheer beauty of our surroundings; the attention to detail in the girls’ room and the little touches for parents that just made all the difference. Can you imagine arriving at a gite in rural France with a popsicle maker in the freezer?
The beds had been made up with princess bedding (my girls’ favourite) and there was a little gift bag on each bed with each girl’s name and a little teddy inside. The girls were in seventh heaven and spent the whole trip clutching their toys and talking about “their” room. The ethos at this establishment is outdoor play and “screen free fun” for kids. Although we had brought the girls’ tablets “just in case”, they simply weren’t taken out of their cases.

Each evening, no matter how busy our day had been, we would have dinner with the girls outside on the terrace before hopping in the pool for a quick dip and then tucking them up in their cosy little beds. My husband and I then were able to thoroughly enjoy a glass or two of the beautiful local Rosé, safe in the knowledge that the kids would sleep well having played ALL day long. The local region had so much to offer but we couldn’t wait to get back to our lovely cool stone cottage where the kids had a heated pool to play in; friends to play with; acres of woodland to run around in; card games; wooden toys; dolls’ houses; ride alongs; books; boules; trampolines; swing sets and the list goes on………. The sheer lack of parental effort required was remarkable!!

Below are some comments from our former guests:

“I never quite feel that going away with 3 young boys is a “holiday” but Pagel gets you pretty close!!”

“Great family holiday! Booked our 3rd visit whilst still on our second!
#easyholiday #allaboutfamilies”

So can holidays with young children really be stress free?  Come to Pagel and see for yourself!

As they say, when the kids are happy…..

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