Beautiful Parks to Visit near Pagel

With the sunshine on the horizon finally in sight for England after a year of lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic life, we have been musing over some of our favourite parks to visit near Pagel and we can guarantee you, the kids will love these.

Animal Park, Gramat is just 50 mins from Pagel (45 kms approx) and is full of interesting and fun animals to look at and set in a lovely woodland area, providing shade from the heat. There’s a picnic area designated specifically centred around keeping the kids happy and active. The walk is suitable for pushchairs and there are exit points for toilets, drinks and snack breaks. Some of the animals include farmyard animals, amongst indigenous animals such as wolves, bears and otters. There is additional shelter dotted around the park for sheltering from the weather, whether that be rain or shine.

Click this link to look at the park in more detail:  

Amongst other amazing parks, there is the Monkey Park, Rocamadour – just an hour away from Pagel (50 kms approx).  Whilst it is slightly further out, you will not be disappointed. The monkeys roam free round this park and will even nab your popcorn if you are happy for them to do so. There are park attendants around and it it safe and lots of fun. Kids will love it. You can stroll for hours and enjoy sunshine, whilst enjoying the company of these clever animals. Just monkeyin’ around…

Opening times are 10:00am – 12:00pm and then 2:00pm to 5-6:00pm, depending on the time of year. The views of Rocamadour are beautiful. Nearby is also the Gouffre de Padirac, if you wanted to combine two trips in one.


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