Beat the January Blues this season…

Happy mid-January! We’ve officially made it 2 weeks into 2021 and into our lockdown in the UK.

How are you feeling? We like to keep checking-in with you on our social media and try to keep people as ‘perky’ as possible.

Here are 3 top tips for beating the dreaded ‘January blues’:

  • We are restricted from doing a lot right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown but we are allowed to exercise outside for limited time periods, as per the Government guidance. Let’s appreciate this luxury and do it. Take the kids out for a walk in the park or along the seafront (depending on where you live). It might be cold and often rainy but it’s essential for our wellbeing as humans to exercise and it really will help the blues.
  • Focus on the seasons ahead. Spring is coming! It won’t be long before we have flowers blooming, sun shining (April showers too, might we add) and new born animals all over for Spring 2021. We cannot wait to open our gates in Pagel too and welcome back our lovely visitors and welcome new visitors too! A bit of planning ahead never hurt no one – what do you want to do this Spring? (If COVID allows).
  • Set yourself a goal to learn something new. A new hobby? Baking? A new sport (at home or remotely)? Learn a new skill? How about it?

You can do it. Stay positive. We will help you by regularly updating our blog and social feeds.


Pagel xxx

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