Beat the Euro and DRIVE to France!

Last year, we announced that 50 % of our clientele DRIVE from the UK to Pagel every year.

Many of our followers were shocked but pleasantly surprised, as they realised that there was in fact a way around the variable and often inflexible plane fares.

But is the very thought of a long car journey with young children the stuff of nightmares?   If so, you’re not alone!

However, maybe it’s time to change the conversation! Let’s look at the benefits…..


  1. Being under your own control, it is a lovely way to see and experience more of France on the way.
  2. You will save 100s of pounds and be able to have that elusive break in the sun that you have sought after for so long.
  3. To take full advantage of the breathtaking scenery surrounding Pagel, we always recommend that our guests hire a car anyway!  Again saving a huge amount on car rental.

So what do our guests say?

I asked Toni Harman*  – a recent guest who drove to Pagel –  what she thought.

She said the following:

Our drive down to Pagel was very easy and surprisingly enjoyable.  We took a late night ferry crossing from Newhaven to Dieppe, then spent the night in a hotel ..before an easy daytime drive down to the south of France.  From Dieppe to Pagel took about 8 hours – so we arrived around 5pm in time for a late afternoon swim.  Perfect!”

So what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of Pagel’s latest deals without worrying about flight prices and contact us now……..

*Toni came to Mas Sarrat with her partner Alex and daughter Willow last season during May half-term.  This is them enjoying their late afternoon plunge after their drive from Dieppe.




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