50 things-to-do before you’re 11 3/4

At Pagel we love fun, and children being children. A study has recently been done by Stephen Moss for the National Trust on a ‘Natural Childhood’. He believes that our children are running out of the pure joy of a connection with nature and the natural world and that we need to move towards encouraging children to love the outdoor world and the benefits of playing naturally.

This in turns helps them develop and grow in confidence and sociability. Child Psychologist Professor Tanya Byron has noted:

“The less children play outdoors, the less they learn to cope with risks and challenges they will go on to face as adults. Nothing can replace what children gain from the freedom and independence of thought they have when trying out new things in the open. Natural places are singularly engaging, stimulating, life-enhancing environments where children can reach new depths of understanding about themselves, their abilities and their relationships to the world and to people.”

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