3 tips to keep your kids healthy and happy in Winter…

Happy October!

It’s been a strange year to say the least but now that Autumn is here, we wanted to share our top 3 tips on keeping your kids healthy and happy during the colder months.

  1. Keep your children active! Pagel’s owner is based in stunning Sussex, where we are lucky enough to live by the sea all-year-round and benefit from gorgeous and picturesque scenery 24/7 – perfect for brisk walks and refreshing trips out into open parks, the beach and spacious areas. Perfect for children letting off some energy and getting out into the open space. If you don’t live near any of these areas, get onto Google and research some beautiful nearby locations for exploring and walks! Show your kids the perks of these colder months and get them excited – wrapping up all snuggly and warm, hot chocolates as an occational treat, and family time at Christmas!


2.  Hand washing! Even more important given the current circumstances of COVID-19.  Make handwashing a game – perhaps sing a 30 seconds song or set a count-down timer to encourage the scrub-a-dub-dub. You could also get different flavoured hand sanitisers and washes to keep it colourful. You can get really fun-looking hand washes from most supermarkets – Palmolive do a fun colourful-fish one – it’s affordable, cruelty-free and the packaging is fully recyclable for sustainability.

3. Keep them focused on looking ahead – the future – the Spring will come – the colder months are only really October – February and then it starts getting warmer. If your kids really dislike the cold months, you could arrange a count-down calendar to keep them motivated for the warmer months to come. Spring brings the sun, baby animals, gorgeous new nature and flowers, summer holiday bookings and much more…


Keep an eye out for our blog posts to help you get through the Winter too!



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