Baby, Toddler and Child Friendly Holidays in South West France
Days Out

Days Out

Days Out – for all ages up to twelve

Up to 30 minutes by car

Le Lac Vert, Catus (5 minutes drive) click for details

Is our village lake in Catus, it has a small sandy beach with a gentle sloping waters edge and a grass area to sit. There is an open café in high season and open all year round is the little play area. The sand is replaced every year and the local Mayors office checks the water quality regularly so hygiene is good. A lovely afternoon out, you can also walk with a pushchair all the way around the lake. There are pedalos for hire which are cheap and fun!

Horse Riding, Catus (5 minutes drive)

Suitable for all ages from 3 upwards being led by a leading reign or a hack out into the local area. It needs to be booked in advance 0565 20 06 24.

Canoeing at Le Capitaine in Caix (15 minutes drive)

Canoe hire available for one hour or more and there is a restaurant on site.

Waterskiing, near Cahors (20 minutes drive)

Waterskiing is possible very near to Cahors on the river Lot for beginners or experienced skiers. They also have the ride on ringo for children and are fully equipped with life vests. We spend many an afternoon down there having a picnic, waterskiing and the children ride on the speed boat and on the ringo. This needs to be booked and organised in advance for you to attend so just let us know. It is about 10 euros a ski which is amazingly low in cost.

Cap Nature, Cahors (20 minutes drive)

A fantastic climbing park next to the river in Cahors/Pradine. You spend two hours up in the trees with safety harnesses going from tree to tree testing balance and courage! It does need to be booked as very popular and is only 15 euros a person. There is a little café there for someone who wants to watch or look after a little brother or sister.

Handgliding, Cahors (20 minutes drive)

Parents and children are catered for… not one for the faint hearted but a possible adventure to be had at Parapente Douelle /Cahors.

Water Park, Cahors (30 minutes drive)

There are two large pools one for diving and swimming and the other for the four water slides that are not big and quite gentle and there is a little shallow pool with a mushroom in the middle which is a little waterfall, this is super fun for little ones and our Mollie loved it at 1.5 years old. There are also little slides that mummy or daddy could go down with a little one of two and in addition there is a large curving slide for 6 years plus. The restaurant on site is good value and clean and baby changing facilities are good. This may allow you to take your slightly older child out for a good day of fun whilst providing baby with something different too. It is always spotlessly clean with grass areas for picnics a lovely day out – with trees providing shade.

Le Petit Train, Cahors (30 minutes drive)

In Cahors town centre that you board the little train next to the Pont Valentre along the rivers edge is lovely way to have a little train ride around Cahor and some fun for little ones. The train is on wheels on the road! The train departs at times between 10am to 12 and then 2pm to 7pm.

A Carousel, Cahors (30 minutes drive)

With the old fashioned horses in the centre of Cahors next to the fountain on the main Gambetta, the road running down through the centre. It is lovely for little ones combined with a lunch out for Mummy and Daddy in one of the outside cafes.

Boat Rides, Pont de Valentre, Cahors (30 minutes drive)

Trips are around 1.5 hours and run along the river to see Old Cahor. There is an ice-cream shop next to the boat and the trip is fun and not too long. Mid June to Mid September 11 am, 3pm, 4.30pm and 6pm.

Up to 60 minutes by car

Rocamadour -stunning famous medieval village hangin off a cliff with a shrine to a Saint

St Cirq La Popie – another stunning French village with a view east and west along he River Lot

Animal Park, Gramat (45 minutes drive)

Has a central picnic and café bar area. The whole animal park is suitable for a pushchair and as you walk round there are exit points back to the central area for toilets and drinks and snack breaks. It is a lovely park with farmyard animals and also lots of the local animals such as wolves, bears and otters. There are also little bus stop type shelters all around the park for sheltering from the rain or sun.

Monkey Park, Rocamadour (45 minutes drive)

Here you can go for an hours stroll on flat land and where the monkeys roam free and take pop corn from your hands if you feel happy. There are park attendants everywhere and it is quite safe and great fun. The children love it and it is open am 10 to 12 and then in the pm 2 to 5/6 depending on when in the season. You get the best view of Rocamadour from the end of the monkey park as you walk as it is on the opposite side of the valley and just seems to be hanging there! Nearby is the Gouffre De Padirac this a an amazing cave with a lift that goes down underground and then you have a gondola boat ride to the end where there s a walk for 45 minutes to see the caverns with stallictites. It depends on your little one as to whether you feel it is of interest to them or they have the patience. It is fun and breathtaking.

Prehistoric Park, La Cave (45 minutes drive)

Near Rocamadour. A wonderful morning or afternoon – shuts from 12 to 2 as do most French places! For the family especially if you are a dinosaur fan. Walk through a forest spread over several hectares (pushchair friendly) and walk back into the past with life size dinosaurs around every corner. A great fun trip with the chance for a photo in a dinosaur’s mouth at the end and an ice-cream.

Castle of Beynac (45 minutes drive)

A lovely drive into the Dordogne and a great day out – fabulous example of castle living with areas for picnics and the village of Beynac nearby.

The Chateau de Castelnaud (45 minutes drive)

Drive again into the Dordogne. This the very best and exciting place my boys have visited whilst living here I France. The Chateau is room after room of swords, chain mail, armour and examples of weapons and video footage explaining what it “used to be like”. The whole place is a discovery of an age gone by, there are picnic areas and toilets all well kept and clean and the tours are in English. Open 10.30 am to 6pm. The Gardens de Marqueyssac are nearby.

Gouffre de Padirac (45 minutes drive)

Great inside adventure down underground – in a lift, along an underground river in a Gondola type boat and then into the magical, spectacular caves, and out of the rain! Not so good for children under 3 or 4.

Gardens de Marqueyssac, near Chateau de Castelnaud (45 minutes drive)

There is a lovely place to have a coffee, drink and snack and a maze to delight little adventurers. Within the grounds there is also a children’s play area and a small climbing wall. Fun for everyone. Every Thursday night in July and August it is also open from 7pm to midnight as they light the gardens with candles and it really is quite wonderful.

Reptile Land, Martel (60 minutes drive)

At least an hour but good inside outing for a rainy day. 92 species of lizards, snakes, little crocodiles, scorpion’s ad spiders. Not for the faint hearted!

Up to 2 hours by car

Aquarium du Perigord (1.5 hours drive)

A good day out, not a short trip. Good for a rainy day but we wouldn’t recommend rushing there when there is so much else to do nearby. There are over 6000 fish.

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It can be a rarity for an experience to wholeheartedly live up to expectations and rarer still for it to exceed them. Pagel, for us, utterly and wonderfully exceeded all our expectations by an enormous margin. Literally every last detail had been considered and we felt so cared for – it’s so clear that commercial imperatives take a back seat and providing a magical experience for the family and facilitating togetherness and quality time in relaxed and congenial surroundings is the first priority and what Pagel is all about.

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