Gardens of Marqueyssac

Gardens of Marqueyssac

The Gardens of Marqueyssac

If you want to experience one of the best views of the Dordogne river then head for the Gardens of Marqueyssac in Park in Vézac. They sit high above the beautiful Dordogne river valley and from the terrace café there are views to die for of the beautiful villages and castles. Even in hot weather, there are perfect shady paths and little waterfalls with its fine mist cooling you as you walk and explore.

It’s a very child-friendly day out and there’s a lovely gazebo where the kids can paint and the adults indulge in the view. For all the Frozen fans the little rock creatures in the woods are reminiscent of the Trolls from the Valley of the Living Rock. And for the very daring and older kids, you can harness up and climb along the sheer face of the rock- quite the experience!

Highly rated by visitors

“Stunning”, “fabulous”, “breathtaking”, “astounding” and “not to be missed” are sentiments frequently associated with this magical place.

It has a wonderful history too with the most recent owner from 1996 Kleber Rossillon restoring the gardens to their old character and you can read more about that here: Gardens of Marqueyssac.

It’s worth heading out in the evening to experience Marqueyssac by candlelight-Marqueyssac aux Chandelles-on Thursday nights in July and August. With music and animations as well as some entertainment for children these evenings start at 7pm and go on until midnight and are a must!

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