Family Fun for February Tips

The lockdown can really have you feeling a bit deflated at this point. It’s been almost a year for us in the UK and we cannot pretend it’s not got us down at points.

The trick? Staying positive. The hardest thing but we are here to help perk you up.

It’s February 2021… that month was either the quickest or the longest month ever… either way January is gone…goodbye!

Here’s our top 3 tips for having a fun-packed February with the family.

  • Do some baking/cooking! When’s the last time you tried something new in the kitchen? Healthy alternatives…veganary… what have you tried recently? Why not challenge yourselves… we can all benefit from learning something new in the food department… it’s fun and teaching good life skills to the kids. Google is your best friend or whack out the old school recipe book you’ve had in the cupboard since 1995.


  • Walks. I know…yawn. You are probably bored of reading this. But walking is so good for your wellbeing. There are so many gorgeous places in the UK to walk as well. We are incredibly lucky in Sussex as we are right by the sea and the Sussex Downs, which are beautiful places to explore and walk. Get out there… even in the rain, if you are prepared and safe – umbrella us up and wrap up warm…


  • Set yourself mini goals… food shop, walk to the beach and back and take the bins out? Check mate. Make small lists of goals to achieve for you and the kids and watch the satisfaction build up.


We will be in touch weekly as always…



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