3 Fun Things to do this Easter

Easter 2021… beautiful Spring scenery in the UK…still in lockdown but not long until things begin to lift.

Our top 3 fun tips of things to do this Easter weekend are below:

  1. Get BAKING. Baking is fun and you get yummy treats at the end of it. Whether that be Easter bunny tails or yummy nibbles to go with your Easter meal, enjoy baking with the little ones. Great life skill to teach them too!
  2. Get MOVING. Walk walk walk. Run. Yoga. Weight lifting. Whatever it may be. With the lovely Spring sunshine we’ve been getting in East Sussex, we’ve been enjoying getting outdoors as much as possible, within lockdown restrictions of course.
  3. Get CREATIVE. Whether you’re making Easter crafts, colouring in with the kids or painting something pretty, get creative. We can guarantee you will feel better for it. Can’t paint? Why not take some photography? Or do some reading? Creativity comes in many forms.



We would like to wish all our customers, past and future, the happiest of Easters.

Pagel xxx

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